On June 18, 1993, in its current location, the “Bottega” Michelangelo Souvenirs was born. The shop, originally an art gallery, was created by Mario Cheloni and his son Alessio Cheloni–a Florentine family with a long heritage. The name “Michelangelo” was chosen because of the shops proximity to the Galleria Accademia Museum where the original statue of David by the great master, Michelangelo Buonarroti, now resides.

With the arrival of Daniela, wife of Alessio and an expert in jewels and silver,  a second shop was opened in the same street. The expansion transformed the brand into Michelangelo Souvenirs and Art Shop. In keeping with the times, we sought out more handmade and locally crafted merchandize. Selecting  pieces of a certain stature and artistic interest.  While today the term “Souvenirs” brings to mind small trinkets of little value, we here at “Michelangelo Souvenirs” seek to offer only the best quality jewelry and crafts of the region.

Even today our family personally works in the shops with the same desire and the same spirit as always, in the search to propose and implement objects that can convey the flavor of our history, art, and culture. With us you will always find more than one item sought, a smile to welcome you, and our maximum availability on meeting your requests.
The choice to make this our storefront on the internet and not a real e-commerce is that it ignites your curiosity and preferably a visit if the distance allows.  Otherwise, please feel free to contact us to discuss your precise needs.

So do not hesitate; choose “A piece of Florence for your home” and for you.