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Pietra Dura Mosaic “The Flowers”

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The mosaic “Commesso Florentine” in hard stone is present in Florence in the Romanesque period, up to a part of the Renaissance, but gains a new impetus in the second half of the 500 with the Medici family.

In 1588 Ferdinand I founded the Manufacture of Hard stones called “Gallery Works” located in the Uffizi until 1796, when it moved to its current headquarters in Via Degli Alfani with the name of “Precious Stones”.

In 1604 began the construction of the “Chapel of the Princes” in the church of San Lorenzo, which was the first example of mosaic inlay, made with marble and precious stones, of which Florence will become the exclusive center of production from the 16th century to the present day our, known by the name of “Cmmesso Fiorentino”.

The term derives from committing Salesman, is merge join, in fact, after the creation of a drawing are cut various stones depending on the color and shades most suitable, in order to achieve a true work of art. For cutting the bow is still used today with a wire dipped in various powders and glass abrasive, that just manage to cut the stone accurately.

In this every artist has his school of thought, that there are those who prefer to enter several pieces, to create a work richer in detail and those who prefer less pieces but a choice of stones more accurate, however, the real challenge is in the staining, that is the choice of the stones in the most suitable colors realizing the nuances worthy of the great painters, precisely “Macchiaioli” a time.

We still like then propose an excellent product, unique and inimitable guaranteed over time, using Semiprecious stones and marble of various types, all exclusively manually and 100% MADE IN FLORENCE, accompanied with our warranty certificate, which attests to the value always more increasing in time.

Pietra Dura Mosaic COMMESSO FIORENTINO “The Flowers”

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